Web design fashions

Like in many other aspects of social life and technology, web design seems to go through fashions. These are often cyclical: they come back every few years, in a slightly different way. Websites that used to look amazing can look completely out of place a few months later.

Why is that so? Often this is slowly percolating stuff – some designers try something new, this gets adopted by others, put into major themes, and so becomes popular. There’s also the material side to it: these days, there’s more people accessing websites through smart phones and tablets than via laptops or desktop PCs. Typically this means we return to simpler websites that load faster, and don’t often show many columns or sidebars.

It actually reminds me a lot of the nineties websites, except the typography and the colours look a lot better this time 🙂 But who can tell, in a few years we might look back at this period and ask “What were we thinking?”.